#195 yo la tengo – sugarcube

yo la tengo

there are things that words cannot express: the frantic urgency of the opening salvo, the comforting consistency of the sheet of drone that washes through most of the song, the surprising early but beautifully timed solo, and what must be sound at the end of your heart beating as one. these devices, however, work tirelessly to keep the words afloat, words that weigh so heavily in promising so much with little else but an earnest effort to please: try to be more assured/ try to be more right there/ try to be less uptight/ try to be more aware. on their own, these resolutions sound hopelessly futile; you could always try, i guess. but swallowed as a whole, it sounds just about right, sweetened but still retaining its original flavor, and always worth a shot.

mp3: yo la tengo – sugarcube


2 responses to “#195 yo la tengo – sugarcube

  1. *hi man, I know this is not an album sharing blog, but can you share “time for rebirth” by the observatory with me? I live in Mexico and I don’t have any money to buy it. I’ll be grateful if you do.

  2. Is this mp3 legal? I really wanna download this awesome song but I didn’t know if you bought it and then re-posted it on here. Just wondering!

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