#192 atlas sound – walkabout (ft. noah lennox)

Bradford Lennox

what did you want to see, what did you want to be when you grew up? it’s a perfect question posed by a duo still reveling in childlike wonder, both currently making music that touches the oldest of souls. it’s a fairytale collaboration just waiting to be made, taking place under the envelop of bradford cox’s solo atlas sound project, and featuring the buoyant vocals of animal collective’s noah lennox, aka panda bear. the fruit of that partnership is “walkabout”, a track revolving the simplest of loops, built upon a sample of “what am i going to do” by the dovers, and circling playfully around the theme of childhood dreams. it’s a song that hops and skips from one idea to the next, but never deviating far from the central question. the contribution of panda bear is distinct beyond his vocal contributions, especially with the incorporation of field samples that invoke both the faraway and vaguely familiar and which blend perfectly with cox’s signature dreamscapes. this sounds like the meeting of long lost playground buddies, meeting when they’re both grown up and finally ready to make a song to last a lifetime, and for me possibly the best thing i’ve heard all year.

mp3: atlas sound – walkabout (ft. noah lennox)

“walkabout” is featured on atlas sound’s upcoming album logos, out on kranky 20 oct.


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