#190 pulp – glory people

pulp is hardcore

it’s been a while since i’ve revisted my pulp collection, and this time, i gave my this is glastonbury album a spin while i drifted into a nap of sorts, awoken at my favorite parts like the irresistibly sexy “party hard”. i was actually going to post something about the album closer, the draining but rewarding “seductive barry” when i decided to read up a little more on that 1998 gig. that was where i realised that not only wasn’t “seductive barry” the last song of the concert, there was in fact a japanese version of the album that had the real last song at the end of the encore. “glory people”, as you would have guessed, is a medley of “glory days” and “common people”, the latter being the crowning glory of the band’s prior glasto triumph in ’95. i can’t help but feel that pulp had taken the easy way out, pandering to the masses by ending with a hit from three years before. yet, i also can’t resist celebrating the ironic beauty it all, to have a stubbornly nostalgic song cut short by a bout of nostalgia itself: if “glory days” romanticized an irretrievable past, “common people” romanticized an unavoidable present, which really must be the most glorious way to end any concert.

mp3: pulp – glory people (live at glastonbury 1998)


2 responses to “#190 pulp – glory people

  1. phenomenal taste in music my friend – a fact which is cemented by this entry.

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