#188 japandroids – young hearts spark fire


the year started with the most promising of the recent lot of noisepopsters, the pains of being pure at heart, putting out their first album. closer to the mid year, we have japandroids reminding us that good ol’ noise is here to stay for a while with a first release of their own. if the former debutantes heralded a what may be termed a post-c86 movement, the latter is most aptly post-nothing, with its bubbling stew of garage punk too restless to stand posing and having too much fun to worry about anything else. in “young hearts spark fire”, that wild abandon is captured in its rawest intensity, balanced precariously with an unparalleled emotional sincerity as the words are yelled with conviction: we used to dream/ now we worry about dying/ i don’t wanna worry about dying/ i just wanna worry about sunshine girls. if all the world’s a stage, japandroids are budding actors most impressively wary of the transience of their impending fame. it’s a knowledge that translates most spectacularly in performance: they play their hearts out as if every song was their last ever, determined at all costs to burn out rather than fade away.

mp3: japandroids – young hearts spark fire

post-nothing is currently available in vinyl and digital formats from sonic unyon. the album will see a bigger worldwide release in august on polyvinyl.


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