#187 jackson 5 – i want you back

jackson 5

dear michael, when you were big in the eighties, i was too young to be a fan of your music, but i do remember how “billie jean” was often played in the background. it was probably on tv. i found your music much cooler than annie lennox, who i thought was downright creepy (“sweet dreams”, too, was often played at home). in the 90s, it was no longer that fashionable to be your fan. i never attended your dangerous concert when you came over to singapore, although i must say i did like bits of history when that came out. believe it or not, you introduced me to the beatles’ “come together”. this side of the millennium, you were mostly a laughing stock and the subject of countless pedophilia jokes, and suffice to say, i never admitted to liking your stuff, even as i discovered the pop genius in you in your great albums like off the wall and thriller. we were never close, and i can never say that i’d want you back, but your first single with the jackson 5 tugged at my heart as i listened to it this morning, and that’s how i’ll choose to remember you.

mp3: jackson 5 – i want you back


One response to “#187 jackson 5 – i want you back

  1. Rest in Peace Michael! Forever the King of POP!

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