#186 jeff buckley – we all fall in love sometimes


i don’t think i’ve posted on anything by jeff buckley before, partly because i never really know where to start. now i find myself a reason: one of his previously unreleased tracks, a cover of elton john and bernie taupin’s “we all fall in love sometimes”, now sees the light of day as the centerpiece of the soundtrack for the upcoming film my sister’s keeper. everything about the song is unmistakably jeff, infused with his character and soul the same way all his other covers have been similarly charmed. his treatment is characteristically gentle but never drifting aimlessly, with every caress of the strings building to a point of cathartic release and every line delivered working towards a complete ownership of the words of another. if you weren’t too sure about it before, by the end of the song, even for that passing moment, you’d be wholly convinced that it’s all worth it, we all fall in love sometimes.

mp3: jeff buckley – we all fall in love sometimes

the my sister’s keeper soundtrack is available now on itunes.


9 responses to “#186 jeff buckley – we all fall in love sometimes

  1. Thanks for the mp3, another wonderfull Jeff Buckley song.

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  2. Thank you for the song.. Totally agree with your comments..

  3. I’ve been a fan of Jeff for about 3 years now. Although he hasn’t come up with anything new, due to certain issues with life (:p), I find myself returning to him and his music whenever I’m stuck in a rut. He’s simply amazing. Who wrote this post anyway? I’m asking because “Dan” said what he said. About loving music but not being able to play it so he tries writing instead. Hahahaha… I feel the exact same way. My entire life has been like that! It’s refreshing to know that someone shares the same sentiment towards music. :)

  4. hi everyone and thanks for the comments! always lovely to find others who share the same sentiments.

    micah, yup I’m dan. wow, you’ve just given me another point of connection with jeff. what was his exact quote? i’m quite keen to look that up.. cheers!

  5. Uhmm.. what quote? :)

  6. Whoa… I have the BIGGEST goosebumps right now. I found this recording nearly 10 years ago when Napster was around… a kind of crappy recording from the original radio program. I took that and threw it into Adobe Audition and clipped the song out and enhanced it, but it doesn’t sound nearly as wonderful as this. This is a huge treat.

    I LOVE Buckley’s interpretation of this song, one of my favorites by Elton and Taupin. It’s already a beautiful song, but Buckley’s version is positively haunting. Thank you so much for this. I’m going to listen to it a few times over and love it all over again.

  7. hello rick…

    ah i remember those napster days! i’m glad this recording found its way back to you after all these years!

  8. it’s like he sings what i feel, he finds the right words to say….

  9. ifallinloveallthetime

    an acoustic guitar could have sounded better. but the humming rocks!

    “And only passing time
    Could kill the boredom we acquired
    Running with the losers for a while
    But our Empty Sky was filled with laughter
    Just before the flood
    Painting worried faces with a smile” — I LOVE THESE LINES ;)

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