#184 wake the president – wake


the cult of glaswegian student-run record label electric honey was etched in music history in 1996 when it put out belle & sebastian’s debut lp tigermilk, a record that sold out almost immediately and set the stage for the band’s shy fairytale rise to fame. more than a decade later, it’s heartening to know the label’s still alive and kicking, and keeping to its tradition of releasing at least a record every year. this year, the band that graces electric honey’s record sleeves is wake the president with you can’t change that boy, a full album of infectious jangle pop weaved cleverly into the urban landscape of glasgow. stylistically influenced by the likes of orange juice and josef k, the record bubbles with enthusiasm in bringing to life not simply the various characters and tales of the city, but every thought and conversation that occurs within. amidst the jangle, though, lies the softest and tenderest of hearts with the concisely titled “wake”, the song that captures the band in a rare candid moment of unabashed heartache and longing, serving as a reminder that their hearts are worn as firmly on their sleeves as their unmistakable influences.

mp3: wake the president – wake

you can’t change that boy may be purchased from norman records. get it to hear the rest of the album!


2 responses to “#184 wake the president – wake

  1. Just discovered your site and am blown away. Really terrific and very impressed. You have a very eclectic taste in music. Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks for the very kind words!! I just popped by your blog as well, and it’s got it’s roots deep down in music history. Great work!!

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