#182 camera obscura – french navy


in my opinion, camera obscura has always been a quietly confident band. on their newly released my maudlin career, however, that confidence has grown to assume a bolder and more extroverted character with a sound that’s more expansive and a delivery firm and entirely at ease with itself. nothing exemplifies this better than album opener “french navy”, a stomper bursting with energy and finesse. last year, the band gave the singaporean audience a glimpse of that as they previewed the song during their gig here, although as i noted before, they did seem rather dwarfed by the large, imposing venue. today, listening to “french navy” as it appears on the album gives me renewed hope of the greater heights the band can reach, and as evident in the song’s flourishing strings and smashing beats, it’s something they’re totally in control over.

mp3: camera obscura – french navy

my maudlin career is out now on 4ad!


2 responses to “#182 camera obscura – french navy

  1. I totally agree! I’d always been a bit cynical about Camera Obscura – they always seemed to be a pale imitation of fellow Scots Belle and Sebastian – but with this album, they’re really proving a force to be reckoned with! I love it, and have barely listened to much else on my iPod since getting hold of ‘My Maudlin Career’.

  2. It’s on endless rotation on my stereo as well!!

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