#178 susumu yokota – tree surgeon


one of my favorite activities is buying things i’ve never heard of before, based purely on how they strike me at any point in time. this has applied especially to music, where time and time again i’ve bought albums on account of their cover art and little else. that’s how i got acquainted with the music of susumu yokota in 2000 with his album sakura, which became one of my favorite electronica records at the turn of the century. i still remember picking that one from the shelves at borders because i loved the birds on the cover. this year, he releases mother, a buoyant collection of songs produced in collaboration with female vocalists of his choice, a direction not unlike the preferences of fellow countryman dj krush. i initially found it hard getting used to hearing vocals on top of his music, often straining my ears to hear and decipher what’s going on under all that singing. but i’ve since learnt to let go of the need to make perfect sense of everything i hear, and that’s when i’ve finally allowed mother to float above my stubbornness and everything else i hold on to so tightly.

mp3: susumu yokota – tree surgeon

mother is out now on lo recordings. get it!


One response to “#178 susumu yokota – tree surgeon

  1. I discovered Grinning Cat (still one of my favourites) and was converted in similar fashion and had the same issues with the vocals on Mother.

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