#176 balmorhea – harm and boon


like any well-told story, balmorhea‘s “harm and boon” begins with an introduction that sets the scene for the events that would unfold. in this case, it’s a quiet depiction, almost tentative but sufficiently intricate for the listener to soak in the ambience and blend into the background. the event itself, the action, or the plot as it were, breaks the monotony with a rather rude awakening and a mixed bag of emotions that eventually spirals into storm of the quietest, tensest proportions. and like all stories we’ve come to love, this one sure resolves itself perfectly with the most resolute of endings, a final statement that lets the rest of the story linger in the silence that ensues.

mp3: balmorhea – harm and boon

“harm and boon” is taken from balmorhea’s latest album all is wild, all is silent, released on western vinyl. a beauty, if you ask me.


One response to “#176 balmorhea – harm and boon

  1. Keeping keeping music alive.

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