#175 mono – follow the map


judging from their intense, blistering gig here last year, i expected mono‘s new album to follow that deafening path of no return. i could just imagine how it would have sounded: pretty much like their previous efforts, but louder and more hazardous, and because they do this so well, i wouldn’t complain even if it wasn’t the most original sounding record. i guess that’s just a long, convoluted way of introducing how mono’s new album hymn to the immortal wind really is a departure of sorts. yes, the moments of loudness are still delivered in overwhelming doses; yet, the introduction of an overarching cinematic fixation has smoothened those edges in providing a comforting counterbalance. the distinct use of orchestral elements (a 28 piece chamber orchestra, to be exact) in this case have a magical effect, making the quiet moments more wondrous and the louder parts even more emotionally engaging. as a whole, these changes have resulted in a more disciplined output, captured most concisely in the surprisingly brief “follow the map”, where in a mere four minutes the loud/soft spectrum is explored with the gentlest of touches, and with the journey of several short movements one is already confronted with stories to be told and the plunders of travel shared.

mp3: mono – follow the map

hymn to the immortal wind is now out on temporary residence. do check it out!


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