#174 suckers – it gets your body movin’


just as i was contemplating the legacy of the talking heads, i came across this new self-titled ep by the emerging brooklyn-based quartet suckers, which i must say has quickly become my favorite new release of the year. produced by anand wilder, this four song record sounds perfectly at home with the new wave afro-folk scene spearheaded by wilder’s band yeasayer. the talking heads influence, though, hits you right at the start, with “beach queen” displaying a byrnesque groove amidst tinges of disco, proving to be the ideal starting point for the various tangents the other three songs spin off from. “afterthoughts and tv” meanders from the get-go, sliding from an initially dreamy stupor to an awakening with a tinkling piano and eventually a blaring cacophony of horns and many other things. “easy chair”, on the other hands, opts for an easier entry with a deliriously infectious melody, but emerges equally raucous at the end with a disco campfire singalong. it’s stuff that literally gets your body moving, as championed in the closing track where the outer shades of mourning and melancholy give way to the grandest of finales, rousing even the dullest of souls from the depths of their existential apathy.

mp3: suckers – it gets your body movin’

the suckers ep has just been released this week on i am sound. get it now!


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