back by popular demand: talkless!


late last year, i did a feature on the growing bangkok collective so::on dry flower, which i strongly feel deserves much more attention beyond its local shores. in my interview this week on the newly launched hype machine radio show (go check it out!), i single out one of their bands talkless to be featured on the program, so i figured i’d might as well give them another mention here, especially for those of you who missed the initial post where i talked about the song ทุกวัน (pronounced took wan, or “everyday”). and since i’m at it, here’s another sampling from this thai-duo, a whimsical but lush soundscape titled “little girl ghost”, which kicks off their dot dot dot ep with a perfect dose of magic and wonder. also available for download here (just for you!) is space bucha’s “esplanade”, the ten minute jazz/post-rock epic that i feature too on the show. thanks dev and everyone at the hype machine radio show for the great support!

mp3: talkless – took wan (everyday)

mp3: talkless – little girl ghost

mp3: space bucha – esplanade


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