mosaic highlights – the cinematic orchestra


sorry for how long it took for this review – been really busy these days. the last concert i caught at the mosaic music festival was the cinematic orchestra last friday evening. of the three gigs i attended, this was the one in which i had the least expectations, since i wasn’t very familiar with the band. at the same time, however, i was curious how the delicate arrangements and thoughtful instrumentation on their studio work would translate to a live show. in a way, the live setup didn’t help them very much – the vast expanse of the stage became a living room which band members entered and existed, so i couldn’t help but sense a certain lack of cohesion in their performance. there were moments, though, that were truly uplifting, like their more impacting rendition of “to build a home”, which left little trace of the gentleness of the original in its firmer and more soulful delivery. but as a whole, this wasn’t so much an evening when i was swept off my feet (as i secretly wished) as it was a chilled end to a hectic week, and for that, i have no complaints whatsoever.

mp3: cinematic orchestra – to build a home


2 responses to “mosaic highlights – the cinematic orchestra

  1. Wow, we are totally on the same page : ). I had a draft up last night of a gorgeous video of To Build A Home with Patrick Watson and the orchestra (will be posted sometime this weekend). Hyperbole completely aside, It’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

  2. hi lee! the vocals were handled by Grey Reverend in their performance here, and it had a more full bodied feel as compared to Watson’s original.

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