mosaic highlights – of montreal


the first gig i caught at this year’s mosaic music festival in singapore was of montreal on monday. as some of you know, i’ve been a longtime fan of the elephant 6 bands, although i must admit i’m less familiar with of montreal, apart from their fantastic 2007 album hissing fauna. that’s probably why, with the exception of “id engager” and what must have been the most telling cover of bowie’s “ziggy stardust”, most of my favorite moments from the gig were songs from that album, especially the set closer “a sentence of sorts in kongsvinger”. the concert itself was complete with costumes and bizarre characters from dreams you’d never admit to having, playing out like a pantomime as the music kept rolling. as part of the audience, i vacillated between appreciating the songs, admiring the spectacle, and simply enjoying myself. with “a sentence of sorts”, everything came together, especially with the well-timed burst of confetti that bestowed on me the solar fever the band was spreading. what a night indeed.

mp3: of montreal – a sentence of sorts in kongsvinger

thanks mykel for the smokin’ photo!


8 responses to “mosaic highlights – of montreal

  1. i’m also not v familiar with oM but what! a! gig! really happy to have caught the bowie cover (and the ramones one too), and yeah, “a sentence…” was so spectacularly irreverent like watching an nye party on a cruise in the 90s… on vhs…. whatever thaaat means….

  2. of Montreal was abso fab – i was at the Sunday 10pm show and they did a cover of the Rolling Stones.

    hear all 3 sets had their own quirks, wish i’d had the money to go for them all! was food thrown at the crowd on Monday?

  3. yes. apples.

  4. idontbelieveinscience

    I went for the Sunday 10 pm show and I really wished I had more than 50 bucks in my account so that I could have gone for Monday’s one as well haha. But it was really unbelievable!

  5. it’s funny how with three shows we all have this shared plurality of experiences

  6. I went for all 3 shows and each was awesome, especially Sunday’s 10pm one. The energy was just fantastic, plus Bryan and Davey came down to mingle with the crowd during the last encore Requiem for O.M.M. Had a chance to talk to Bryan after the 7.30pm show and asked if they would play Wraith Pinned To The Mist (And Other Games). He said they’ll vary the setlist and I was thrilled they played it. Definitely the most fun and bizarrely wonderful gig I’ve experienced. Hope they come back soon!

  7. I went for the 10 pm one, and i stepped out of the concert theatre feeling like i’m on a different planet, with a new set of vocab and some catch phrases learnt which would make others think i am smoking some real hot shit.

    No really, it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to in Singapore. I’m glad Kevin showed up in some indian high fashion, and nourished our souls with his dandy confetti and holy pants. And i am also glad to Bryan for donning that sarong jacket that could have been a skirt and many other things. Last but not least, i am eternally grateful to Kevin’s brother and his enormous “fruit package”.

    I have posted a collection of my of montreal experience here:

    It sucked cause i laughed so hard throughout the whole thing couldn’t stop my hands from shaking. It looked like I’ve landed myself in an effeminate earthquake.

    They played wraith pinned to the mist? which show! I’ll be damned….

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