#170 kingsbury – back in the orange grove


i love taking my time with things. it sometimes gets frustrating for others, but for me nothing beats having that time and space to breathe and find my own footing. i also love music that takes its time to develop its mood, atmosphere, character and ideas without rushing to follow a particular formula or fit within a certain genre. i’m reminded of these personal preferences of mine when i listen to the music of kingsbury, especially in their most recent ep lie to me, a record that glows in full recline, intricately crafted and subtly ornamented. in the second track “back in the orange grove”, that quiet confidence is exuded not only in the carefully layered instrumentation, but also in the verses of reminiscence that look back longingly for a home laden with nostalgic memories whilst looking forward in resolving not to return, proving to be in music and words by far the sweetest ache.

mp3: kingsbury – back in the orange grove

lie to me, as well as their previous works, are made available for free download on their website. do check it out, and drop in a donation if you like what you hear.


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