#169 with dylan in the movies


after a thoroughly satisfying steamboat dinner with d and s (thanks for the treat) i headed down to catch watchmen with s. we arrived a little late, but in time for the opening credits screened to the soundtrack of bob dylan’s “the times they are a-changin'”. while the song’s original revolutionary message was somewhat decontextualized, it still fit quite well to the semi-historical sequence of events. as it turns out, dylan’s songwriting was to appear two more times in the film, first with hendrix’s classic cover of “all along the watchtower” and at the closing credits, an almost unrecognizable version of “desolation row” by my chemical romance, which provided a really jarring end to a film too high on action and too low on cohesive interpretation. i’m still undecided about how well these songs fit in the soundtrack, just as i’m unsure about how much i really enjoyed/disliked the film (the saving grace, really, is jackie earle hayley’s performance as rorschach), but one thing i’m certain about is the timeless legacy of dylan’s songwriting, which remains ever so relevant and moving today as it must have been back then. here they are, in their original versions, by the man himself.

mp3: bob dylan – the times they are a changin’

mp3: bob dylan – all along the watchtower

mp3: bob dylan – desolation row


2 responses to “#169 with dylan in the movies

  1. The comic book has a very different ending, including some seriously trippy tentacles:



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