#168 i\d – hot boy


with a post-freudian band name like i\d and an intriguing\puzzling piece of cover art to boot, this singaporean experimental noise rock collective sure promises a big deal from its packaging. the product is a self-released album titled midnight hot, a concise vinyl-length record culled from 4 hours of improvised jamming, mixed and edited as inspired by the likes of jazz producer teo macero (bitches brew) and reggae\dub icon lee “scratch” perry. the record itself plays like a tripped up dream freud himself would’ve had a field day dissecting, with the first and last tracks dabbling in some heavy experimentation, wild and loose. the middle portions, however, collapse very neatly like an overdetermined condensation of these disparate ideas, employing a tighter structure without losing any of its sexiness. in fact, in second track “hot boy”, much of the sex appeal lies in the stubborn consistency of a very dirty bassline, which varying trajectories of sounds and effects attempt but fail to dislodge and are eventually co-opted for a very rousing finale indeed. a dizzyingly unforgettable record, this one.

mp3: i\d – hot-boy

midnight hot is available online from cd baby and by contacting the band directly. if you live in singapore, you may purchase the cd at roxy, earshot and asylum. get it now!


4 responses to “#168 i\d – hot boy

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  2. a fucking good album indeed. and the hot boy “b-side” is wicked too.

  3. the salamander song right? yeah awesome!!

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