#166 the o’darling – you’re directing


the weather’s been predictably unpredictable lately. right now, the sun is out in full force, but from the way the world’s been turning on this end of the equator, the rain should be coming in a couple of hours. which brings me to my current rainy season music of choice: the o’darling, the very aptly named orchestral outfit from toronto. as a six-piece, the band exhibits impressive restraint in creating music that thrives on subtlety, never overwhelming but yet always present. i wouldn’t call their music sparse, but it does give you plenty of space to breathe, to savor the quiet in the middle of the night, or listen more closely to the raindrops on your windowpane. in “you’re directing”, the opening song off their a nice ep released last year, the lightly treading beat actually sounds like rain on a tin roof, providing the perfect backdrop for the loveliest harmonies and a delightful trumpet solo that’s gotta be the highlight for any rainy afternoon.

mp3: the o’darling – you’re directing

the o’darling is currently working on their debut full length album due this summer. at the moment, a nice ep is available from the band itself, who may be contacted from their website. look out, too, for an interview with them next week!


5 responses to “#166 the o’darling – you’re directing

  1. check out our review of them as well! they are truly amazing.

  2. Thanks! Your site is awesome too! I find a lot of great stuff in the Music Alliance Pact from wakingupto. Keep up the great work! I’m adding you to our blogroll (which I should have done before…)

    ps look for changes from our site in the near future in an effort to make it as comprehensive and interactive as possible

  3. cool: ) will definitely keep a look out for the changes. do check out the other blogs on MAP too – lots of great stuff there as well.

  4. idontbelieveinscience

    I’m really loving the trumpet solo!

  5. I love this music, there’s no other words to express.

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