#164 black lips – starting over


black lips have a rather notorious reputation for their onstage antics, most recently incurring the wrath of indian authorities during their concert in chennai. in “starting over”, taken off their new album 200 million thousand released just yesterday, the band makes certain promises to change for the better, but when it’s delivered with the sloppiest of drawls, you know that it’s just a drunken promise to stay sober. the song itself is a curious animal, beginning with a nostalgic dreampop jangle and chugging along with a call-and-response garage harmony that invokes the black and white charm of the velvet underground’s “there she goes again”. everything about it is imperfect, and that’s exactly how things should stay.

mp3: black lips – starting over

mp3: the velvet underground – there she goes again

200 million thousand is now available on vice records. get it!


2 responses to “#164 black lips – starting over

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  2. God i’d do anything to see these guys again, last month in london they were freakin nuts hah, also id highly recommend the new album, cant put it down.

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