#160 dadamah – papa doc


i’ve really been digging up old stuff recently, and one of my favorite re-discoveries is the now defunct new zealand band dadamah. the band only played three gigs in their brief existence from ’91 to ’94, and released two 7″ singles and one ep. all these songs were quickly picked up then by the newly birthed kranky label (now firmly recognized as one of the best experimental labels) as their second ever release, which also turns out to be the last and only standing document of the band’s work. for a band this underrated, the music itself is sublime. most befitting of the band name, both their production and delivery rely on primal instinct. and while fellow countrymen the dead c (the only other nz band from that era and scene i’m familiar with) often makes for a heavy, seasick inducing listen (which i’m in the mood for only on some days), dadamah sounds surprisingly accessible considering their sonic palette. a great example is “papa doc”, which sounds exactly like an ian curtis/patti smith guest-duet for the velvet underground. don’t let this pass by you.

mp3: dadamah – papa doc


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