#159 a place to bury strangers – don’t think lover


with the pains of being pure at heart on heavy rotation on my stereo these days, i couldn’t help revisit some of my other shoegaze/noisepop favorites. one of the more recent bands to have caught my fancies these past few years (yes, years, not days or weeks. let’s keep some perspective on things, people) was a place to bury strangers, hailed by many as the loudest band in new york. i remember placing an order for their self-titled album once i heard about them and before i even heard their music. i love doing things like that. and i remember how the first three tracks blew my mind. while opening track “missing you” introduced perfectly the band’s taste for jarring noise and underlying melodies, and third track “to fix the gash in your head” was a glorified spasm-fest, my favorite was really the second track “don’t think lover”, which fittingly paid tribute to their heroes: check out the rude mbv-ish intro and the beautifully wretched jamc melodies for starts. i can’t wait for the next record already, and the day they become big enough that referring to them as aptbs will do, alongside tpobpah.

mp3: a place to bury strangers – don’t think lover


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