#156 mt. sims – the bitten bite back


you know how you read or listen to something good, and then somehow forget all about it until you discover it again? that’s exactly how it was for me listening to mt. sim‘s happily ever after album, released last october. i vaguely remember the deathly urgency of the record striking me hard and chilling my spine, but i can’t quite remember how it suddenly got lost in the heap of all the other stuff i was listening to as well. anyway, this is a long overdue post on what must be the centerpiece of the album – the panic-inducing “the bitten bite back”. the music follows a familiar post-punk template, but while contemporaries may be content with shades of lo-fi gloom, the band opts for a harsher, deadlier sound, with the recurring guitar riff ringing like a siren and a paranoid beat forcing some fear into your heart.

mp3: mt. sims – the bitten bite back

happily ever after is now out on hungry eye records. check it out!


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