#154 deerhunter – wash off


for some reason or another i never got about to listening to deerhunter‘s fluorescent grey ep, the record released in the aftermath of cryptograms and in anticipation of last year’s impressive microcastle. listening to it for the first time yesterday evening, i’ve come to appreciate why i love this band so much today, especially in the final song of the ep, “wash off”. while most of the record demonstrated the band at its most incisive and refined, “wash off” lets the threads run a little looser, beginning with stripped down mechanical rhythm that soon disintegrates into a thick swamp. repetition and drone are given their rightful place, but never allowed to overshadow the subtler nuances of atmosphere and effect. the shifting variable is of course noise, or more accurately the degree of noise permitted, something which the band manipulates with utmost control and mastery.

mp3: deerhunter – wash off


2 responses to “#154 deerhunter – wash off

  1. i absolutely love this track. thanks i didn’t even look into their EPs but will defs check it out as it was on your top 10 of ’07! AAAH how did i miss this?!

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