#153 lunar node – narcolepsy


it’s always a joy witnessing the birth of a new band, and even more so when it makes a confident, swaggering entrance. with a debut ep adventurously titled exploring unknown territory, singapore band lunar node displays an exuberant eagerness to make its mark. on first listen, the musical palette of choice doesn’t quite seem to head for the outer limits, with the band nestled firmly in the post-rock sounds of established stalwarts mogwai and explosions in the sky. however, while their undeniable influences are known for mastering the art of slow build-ups and cascading releases, lunar node opts instead for a crisper, urgent treatment, with traditionally expected executions of instrumental ebbs and flows replaced instead with a joyously celebrated schizophrenia. opener “cerveceria”, for example, begins at breakneck speeds, only to take a breather surprisingly early before stepping on the pedal again for a rousing finale. it sets the tone for the rest of the ep, with heavier portions attacked relentlessly and quieter moments savored. in the aptly titled “narcolepsy”, one is brought through a disorienting oscillation between moments of restful slumber and fitful insomnia, a brutal experience pleasing in the most discomforting way.

mp3: lunar node – narcolepsy

exploring unknown territory will be launched at the arts house playden at 8pm this saturday, 7 february. tickets cost S$15 inclusive of the ep, and are available at the arts house or by contacting the band directly.


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