#151 cut off your hands – heartbreak


since we’re still on the topic of heartbreak (are we?), i can’t help but sneak in this song from the recently released album you and i from new zealand band cut off your hands. formerly known as the shaky hands, they were threatened with a lawsuit by a similarly named portland band, so it was perhaps the best fit for ex-suede guitarist bernard butler to be chosen to produce this album (suede, too, was sued by a new york cabaret singer going by that same name and were forced to release their u.s. albums as the london suede). i love my britpop, so i’m definitely a sucker for stuff like this – cut off your hands’ hook-ridden pop-punk songs, butler’s shimmery production – as outdated much of it sounds. “heartbreak” for example is really a sappy love song, drenched in nostalgia, distorted memories and unfulfilled dreams. but when it’s delivered with perfectly built up choruses, rousing even the finest hairs on your arms, it’s an experience you’re drawn into reliving, whether or not you believe in digging up the past.

mp3: cut off your hands – heartbreak

you and i is now out on frenchkiss records. get your copy now at their boutique!


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