#149 jenny lewis with the watson twins – rabbit fur coat


while the record industry remains obsessed with weeding out music piracy, engaging itself with a futile battle when it should really be looking towards how to best harness the potential of this digital age, it’s nice to come across forward thinking labels that embrace change rather than fight the inevitable. team love recently opened their online library, where each month different releases are made available for free download, no strings attached. it’s certainly a bold move, and one would question the sustainability of such a strategy, but the bottom line is, barriers between music lovers and their music are being broken. for me, that’s how i got listening to the debut album for jenny lewis from rilo kiley, backed up by the watson twins. production wise, other barriers are broken as well: lewis’ voice is recorded and mixed with such an unrivaled clarity and proximity that i hear her every breath in my ear. this intimate treatment works especially well in the title track, a sentimental piece walzing through lewis’ bittersweet tale of her childhood.

mp3: jenny lewis with the watson twins – rabbit fur coat

pay a visit to the team love library today!


4 responses to “#149 jenny lewis with the watson twins – rabbit fur coat

  1. Came across your blog, was reading it and I saw stuff like Singapore Sling and I Am David Sparkle and I was secretly thrilled haha. Then I saw your profile and realised you are from where I’m from.

  2. hello! and thanks for dropping by. we’re not that far apart then: )

    curiously enough, singapore sling is from iceland! look out for more local music here, which i’m aiming to feature more this year.

  3. Thanks for the awesome heads up to The Team Love Library. I am a devoted Jenny Lewis fan, and I really like the idea of the site.

  4. yeah, i really hope they get the support from music fans. do spread the word!

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