#143 king khan & his shrines – don’t walk away mad


last year, one of the acts i never got about to checking out was the boogaloo sensation, king khan & the shrines. this year, i got my hands on their harder to find first album three hairs and you’re mine. and while i’ve been waiting to check out the new animal collective and antony albums, this gem from all the way back in 2002 has jumped the queue to become the first regular fixture on my stereo in 2009 with its maddeningly raw brew of garage rock with blotches of funk, soul, doo-wop and a-go-go. with hair down to its knees, it’s a sound that’s dated and steeped in the psychedelic concoctions of the 60s and 70s. yet, it remains relevant with its immediacy and unadulterated energy, a spirit captured perfectly in songs like “don’t walk away mad”, which boasts among others, a rather arrogant horn section.

mp3: king khan & his shrines – don’t walk away mad


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