#141 the arcade fire – neighborhood #3 (power out) / rebellion (lies) (live at the bbc)


i’ve just watched the new arcade fire documentary miroir noir, a film directed by vincent morisset and shot by vincent moon (yes, the man behind the la blogotheque takeaway shows). the camerawork lives up to moon’s reputation of capturing the right moments, in some instances hovering patiently in the background, in others facing the band and their fans directly, giving the closest possible approximation of their live energy on film. shuffling between carefully orchestrated scenes to the most candid ones ala cinema verite, miroir noir offers a precious snapshot of a band on its meteoric rise, interspersed with recordings fans left them on their answering machine. while it doesn’t provide as much coverage of full songs as one might expect, one exception was the favorite live medley of neighborhood #3 (power out) and rebellion (lies), both songs rivaling each other in energy and intensity. i don’t know how much higher this band will go, but i’m savoring each moment while they’re at it.

mp3: the arcade fire – neighborhood #3 (power out)/rebellion (lies) (live at the bbc)

miroir noir will be out on dvd by the end of march next year. the digital download is now available for purchase here.


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