#140 lcd soundsystem – all my friends


just attended a second christmas party in a row last night at b’s (after a sumptuous feast at a’s), and it was a lovely night with friends old and new, with conversations drifting uncontrollably to the topic of getting older, as much as the thought of it thoroughly mortified us all. i could almost hear james murphy’s deadpan monologue from “all my friends” sung in my face, bringing to mind the years that have gone by, and all the friends that have been there along the way, several of whom i don’t meet anymore. what would it be like to meet all of them again? i think about the decisions i’ve made through those years, and again i find myself concurring with murphy: i wouldn’t trade one stupid decision, for another five years of lies. and then i remember why this lcd soundsystem track was my favorite song of last year: not so much that it was prescriptive or prophetic about my life (you spend the first five years trying to get with the plan, and the next five years trying to get with your friends again), but that it constantly brought me back to reality, forcing me to take stock of my life and then to move on beyond that recognition to the new things i need to figure out.

mp3: lcd soundsystem – all my friends

mp3: franz ferdinand – all my friends


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