best songs of 2008 (part 3)

15. portishead – machine gun (mp3)


is this the best song on third? probably not – in fact i really can’t decide if there is a best song considering how exquisite the whole record sounds. but in terms of musical significance, the aggressively repetitive bursts of said weapon probably best ushers in the portishead we know so well sounding so much better, as if we ever doubted them even after that decade long wait. it was well worth it, i’d say.

14. lykke li – dance dance dance (mp3)


most of my friends hate her voice and hate how she really can’t sing. but that’s the point, really. every time she goes flat singing “hips”, i genuinely feel the music world getting just that little bit more democratized. it wasn’t too long ago that lykke li was just like us, attending gigs and dancing awkwardly to them. now she’s on the other side, but at least she’s still shy, shy, shy, and still not the best dancer around.

13. vampire weekend – walcott (mp3)


walcott was the main character in lead singer ezra koenig’s film titled vampire weekend – a boy tasked to get out of cape cod to bring the warning of an impending vampire attack. does that make more sense now? anyway, it’s such a simple song, relying on such a simple formula of frenzied piano and strings, executed to perfection, no less. do check out the live versions too.

12. vivian girls – where do you run to (mp3)


taken off the debut self-titled album that reportedly sold out in just over a week, “where do you run to” must be the heartbeat of the record, with the most generous streams of sunshine peeking through the haziest fog in your dad’s old garage. the charming harmonies here would never have worked in any other situation without the relentless pounding beat and all its stubbornly fuzzy edges.

11. antony and the johnsons – another world (mp3)


there’s an escapist in all of us, with traces of idealism we never admit to having, and bits of nostalgia we only sometimes dare indulging. the intoxicating voice of antony hegarty romanticizes everything to remind us there’s no shame in all that, and with the astounding beauty of his delivery exposes only the ugliness of the world we worship much too freely.


10 responses to “best songs of 2008 (part 3)

  1. good choice, as this is the tune which reintriduced portis back to our ears after so many years. loved the album, and i think i can pick a true fav. the rip is the best song to me for its hauntingly beautiful soundscape..this is portishead

  2. hey, you should compile your best songs of 2008 and send it to me as christmas gift =p

    liang ting

  3. d: thanks! yeah when i described third as exquisite, i had “the rip” at the back of my mind. i also liked “small” a lot. so much thought went into the whole album, it’s gotta be the finest of the year.

    liang ting: bro, for you only, sure got bonus tracks also.

  4. How can people not like Lykke Li’s voice, it’s so affable! I like ‘Tonight’.

  5. haha i know! it’s certainly not perfect, but how can you not fall in love with a voice like that, breathy and whispering in your ear? i like how she says it as “toon-aight”

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  7. thanks for the heads up, i really like vampire weekend! have you heard peter gabriel’s cover of cape cod kwasa kwasa? i love the part where he goes: and it feels so unnatural to sing your own name :) good sport he is!

  8. hey b: ) it’s hilarious, and very nice. i might just post it soon. hot chip has some other free downloads on their site i think.

  9. hey i’ve been following this blog for a while…and most recently, more consistently. i think it’s fantastic and i wish i could articulate half as well as you can. keep on! keep on!

    p.s. machine gun for me is hands down favorite. you’re right, the whole album is just amazing but machine gun just kicks too much ass. hearing it live blewwwwwww my miiiiind! =)

  10. thanks for the very kind words, dona!

    wow it’s great you got to hear them live: ) i’m still eagerly awaiting their arrival on our shores.

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