best songs of 2008 (part 2)

20. empire of the sun – walking on a dream (mp3)


just like the mind-blowingly ridiculous cover art, it’s excessively indulgent in all that glitters, drenched to the toe in its own disco dust simply for the thrill of it (thrill of it).

19. mgmt – electric feel (mp3)


there’s much to like, but my favorite moments are the expectant beats before every chorus. it’s the only times i get to breathe before i’m enthralled all over again.

18. the legends – seconds away (mp3)


i love destroying my already damaged ears, especially when the relentless sheets of noise hide so poorly the pop melodies they’ve just butchered.

17. the pains of being pure at heart – everything with you (mp3)


it starts as if it needs no introduction (naive? audacious?), and at the end it leaves a trail of unfulfilled promises which fade inevitably into the dark (ok, probably both).

16. the dutchess and the duke – reservoir park (mp3)


many questions find their way into songs, but few get asked with as much urgency as this royal duo. the answer, someone might tell you, is blowin’ in the wind.


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