best songs of 2008 (part 1)

i love lists. i make lists for everything, pretty much like that guy in high fidelity, only that most of the time, they just stay in my head. since this blog’s centered around songs rather than albums (maybe i’ll cover that next week), i thought it fitting to share a list of 25 songs i really liked this year. ranking them was fun, but really don’t read too much into it. hope you like them too.

25. northern portrait – crazy (mp3)


the artwork looks uncannily like a smiths cover, and song itself doesn’t hide its morrissey infatuation, and that’s really not a bad thing.

24. brass bed – olivia (mp3)


for as long as i’ve been listening to blur and the kinks, i’ve had a weakness for character songs, so i’m glad people still write them today.

23. the bug – poison dart (featuring warrior queen) (mp3)


to be honest, i didn’t really like the bug’s london zoo album, but “poison dart” is the vile drink i love drinking in large, forceful gulps.

22. man man – hurly burly (mp3)


a rather sordid tale with a frantic delivery to match. so was macbeth i guess. i love the trumpet squalls.

21. the dodos – winter (mp3)


winter’s supposed to be lonely, i’m told, so i imagine this to be the perfect accompaniment.


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