#139 milton nascimento & lô borges – clube da esquina, no. 2


when brazilians milton nascimento came together with lô borges and the rest of the clube da esquina (the corner club) to record this self titled masterpiece, a piece of music history was being made, perhaps all the more significant and bittersweet as it marked the start of the falling apart of a band of immensely talented musicians who were never to make music as free, moving and inspiring ever again. the album, named after the collective, is a melting pot of ideas and genres, held together by little else but the sheer chemistry within the group. the centerpiece, as it were, also happens to be self-titled. requiring no words at all, the song conveys a breadth and depth of emotion no lyric could ever muster, with nascimento’s distinctive falsetto blending beautifully into the delicately sculpted soundtrack. it feels like it could go on forever, and indeed you wish for an experience like that to never end, but it fades off as quickly as clube da esquina themselves drifted apart and dispersed.

mp3: milton nascimento & lô borges – clube da esquina no. 2


3 responses to “#139 milton nascimento & lô borges – clube da esquina, no. 2

  1. Wonderful album, Also Native Dancer with Wanye Shorter was cool too!!!

  2. Nayara Garófalo

    I was googlin’ around and here I am.

    So happy and proud to read about Clube da Esquina here. Milton Nascimento is one of my favorite singers in the whole world. And he is from Minas Gerais, as I am.

    Greeting from Brazil!

    • Hi Nayara,

      Thanks for dropping by and for saying hello! It’s great that Nascimento’s so prolific even today. And so wonderful to be coming from the same city!

      Warm greetings from Singapore!

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