#136 school of seven bells – half asleep


what begins as an unguarded train of thought can slowly can slowly become an addiction to the slumber of disconnection and the resonance of memory that no longer has a shape but keeps you numb through the hours till gone is another day.

that’s probably the longest, coherent sentence to make it into a song chorus, and for all the streams of consciousness flowing from that line, you really do know exactly what they’re talking about. at least i do, being the serial daydreamer people know me as. anyway, that’s an idea captured perfectly through both lyric and sound in “half asleep”, taken off the newly released alpinisms album by school of seven bells, a trio comprising benjamin curtis from secret machines and sisters alejandra and claudia deheza from on! air! library! the band name derives its origin from a “a mythical south american pickpocket academy that may or may not have existed in the ’80s”, and perhaps it’s that fine line between reality and fantasy that’s most explored in this album, even if it’s not always talked about in such succinctly surreal terms as in “half asleep”.

mp3: school of seven bells – half asleep

alpinisms is now out on ghostly international. it’s a really fine album, so do get yourself a copy at the ghostly store.


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