#134 blur – you’re so great


so damon albarn claims blur rehearsals are in the works, with rumors of estranged guitarist graham coxon being a part of it. i don’t know what to believe anymore, but i’ve always felt blur were rather empty without coxon, as much as i enjoyed the new direction of think tank. their 1997 eponymous album was probably when most of us first heard a blur song entirely penned and performed by coxon – “you’re so great”, an introverted character placed right in the middle of the album, sandwiched meekly between the majestically atmospheric “theme from retro” and the darkly chugging “death of a party”. recorded by coxon under a table, it showcased his newfound experimentation with alternate tunings and experimentation, obviously under the influence of his new heroes, sonic youth and pavement. the result: a crisp but raw glimpse into the evolving genius of the guitar backbone of blur, starting on a pensive note, working its way into a luminescent slide guitar solo and finally ending on a high, brimming with confidence. this was the interlude in the blur album that unassumingly became its centerpiece.

mp3: blur – you’re so great


5 responses to “#134 blur – you’re so great

  1. i couldn’t agree more. you’re so great, and i love you…

  2. my favorite line is “city’s alive/a surprise/so am i” haha.

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