#133 love is all – wishing well


have i ever mentioned i love swedish music? among other things, i really do love their accents, be it lykke li’s breathy, girlish playfulness or jens lekman’s charming storytelling voice. so the first thing that struck me about gothenburg band love is all was singer josephine olausson’s energetic delivery that was equal parts karen o and sleater-kinney, the sound of a pop-punk princess turned riot grrrl rolled off the tongue in style and oh that little bit of swagger. you hear that in the first single “wishing well” off their album a hundred things keep me up at night, but that’s not all you get. the sounds are rough and rushed, presenting themselves with meaningless urgency but unquestionable accessibility.

mp3: love is all – wishing well

a hundred things keep me up at night is out now on what’s your rupture.


3 responses to “#133 love is all – wishing well

  1. hey d, did you know that jens lekman played a gig here in singapore on monday? read about it in today’s papers!

  2. hey b! yeah he did! i’ve seen him before, and this week was just so crazy for me.. hardly had the time to go.. forgot to mention to you tho oops!

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