#128 tobacco – truck sweat


i’ve been listening to tobacco‘s (from black moth super rainbow) debut solo album fucked up friends for quite a while, and i can’t help but feel this album sounds like the long-lost electronica cousin of dan friel‘s ghost town. both are extremely short in length, comprise mostly instrumental tracks, and spend the entire album focused solely on developing a sound, rather than blossoming an idea. but while dan friel explores a peculiar kitchen blender meets neutral milk hotel sound, tobacco plays instead with analog synths and tape machines to create a distinctly beat-heavy soundscape. a deliberately paranoid beat, for example, drives through the entirety of “truck sweat”, which plays out into a delightfully schizophrenic symphony that lasts all but three minutes. that’s all it needs, really.

mp3: tobacco – truck sweat

fucked up friends is now available on anticon


2 responses to “#128 tobacco – truck sweat

  1. i love BMSR! so lush and trippy. like an acid trip

  2. oh yeah! dandelion gum has been on heavy rotation recently. i’m floating, i tell you.

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