#126 little joy – brand new start


i’ve just attended two weddings over this weekend, photographing for one, and attending the other just a few hours ago in jb. as cliched as it sounds, seeing my friends start their new lives always touches me to the core, and to be able to capture the moments or simply be part of those moments means it’ll always have a special place in my heart. rather aptly, a song that’s been playing a lot both in my head and on my stereo (if you’re curious, it’s a faithful denon ud-m30 system) is little joy‘s “brand new start”. little joy is the new collaboration between the strokes’ drummer fabrizio moretti with his girlfriend binki shapiro and rodrigo amarante from los hermanos, and it’s safe to say the music that emerges from the trio in their self titled debut is a breezy combination of their respective sounds. in the swaying “brand new start”, i’m reminded of the poppier version of the early country songs of wilco, a band which itself was jeff tweedy’s brand new start to a rather enviable career. and to my newly wed friends, my very best wishes for your brand new lives ahead of you.

mp3: little joy – brand new start

little joy is now out on rough trade


3 responses to “#126 little joy – brand new start

  1. Lovely track! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanx for the track – great new band, and Binky’s voice is soooo poetic… side note: Binky was on the Carson Daly show last week and wore one of our dresses. :)


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