#124 talkless – ทุกวัน (everyday)


everything about mbv had to do with a brutalizing of the sweet and heaping layer upon layer of violence upon the seemingly timeless – even the band name hints at that ethic. thai duo talkless obviously takes that concept as a starting point in ทุกวัน (took wan, or “everyday”), but distills the brutal and the sweet into equal, almost distinct parts while pushing the edge on schizophrenia. the gripping noise of bancha’s guitar that opens the song is silenced almost too suddenly with the introduction of fon’s voice – soothing yet distant – which is allowed to find its place before edged out again by the same noise i thought she had conquered. the only bridge that holds the song together, though, is the consistency of the overlapping glitch and beats, which provides the fragile thread that precariously ties the two together.

mp3: talkless – ทุกวัน (everyday)

talkless’ debut ep dot dot dot is released on so::on dry flower


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