#123 little fox – old


i don’t understand thai, but sometimes beauty transcends language, as i’m reminded when i listen to little fox‘s “old”. the song is taken off his self-titled album, a fine collection of thai and english folk songs unashamedly romantic and idyllic. recorded in the presence of a few friends so “there is a place to send energy to” as little fox shares with me, the mood is intimate and the delivery delicate. in songs like “old”, the patient pace allows me the chance to reminisce and dream – something i’m given the freedom to indulge in and not feel guilty about even when the song picks up nearer the end, hurrying me along in the gentlest way possible.

mp3: little fox – old

little fox is released on so::on dry flower.


One response to “#123 little fox – old

  1. he sounds a little bit like leslie low, you think? especially on eyes wild shut.
    can you believe that the name of his band is saliva bastards? http://www.myspace.com/salivabastards

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