#121 hot chip – playboy (max tundra remix)


who says chill can’t be fun? for london outfit hot chip, the two simply can’t be separated; for musician/ producer/ remixer/ dj max tundra, it’s about bringing out the maximum levels of both, and that’s exactly what he’s done with hot chip’s “playboy”, one of the standout tracks from their 2004 debut coming on strong. while the original version glided effortlessly on a peugeot blasting yo la tengo in its speakers, max tundra – who in fact had recently been touring with hot chip – pushes everything a level up, stepping on the pedal but also braking hard, without losing the element of cool that so characterized the song in the first place.

mp3: hot chip – playboy

mp3: max tundra – playboy

max tundra’s new album parallax error beheads you is now out on domino.


3 responses to “#121 hot chip – playboy (max tundra remix)

  1. Hi, love the track. Ive been visiting here lately and I noticed you dont have a proper about me section. Just curious, thats all.

    Anyway, do you wanna link? Do take a look on my blog and lemme know what you think. I dont mind if you dont link me up. Thanks and keep it up.

  2. Hi Lili, which version do you prefer?

    Haha there’s a little column along the sidebar. You don’t say very much about yourself in your “about me” too ;)

    Sure, will be all too happy to link, and thanks for visiting as always!

  3. Max Tundra. I like the contemporary edge of it.

    What do you mean by “version”? I trust your judgment, just do what you pleases and thanks, just the saw the sidebar.

    I’m pretty satisfied with my “about me” section :)

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