#120 clinic – 2nd foot stomp


also after three eps, liverpool band clinic unveiled a shockingly original debut album at the turn of the millennium with a cover art audaciously referencing/ ripping off ornette coleman. come to think of it, the band did remind me of the early hard-bopping trumpet squalls of coleman with their signature frantic, psych-punk sound. in “2nd foot stomp”, quite a number of things hit you at once: the booming kick drums, the overwhelming organ intro and the swinging doo-wop chorus, but soon you realize these are all distractions from what instantly takes center-stage – ade blackburn’s nasal snarl. you can hardly figure out what he’s singing (something about mother anna? how about doko who won a magic prize?) but even that too is secondary. this song is all style and needs little else to keep the party stomping along.

mp3: clinic – 2nd foot stomp


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