#119 the beta band – live at shepherd’s bush empire, london, 2004


the cult of the beta band began in the 1997 with their first ep champion versions, which was followed by two subsequent eps the following year, the patty patty sound and los amigos del beta bandidos. known collectively as the three eps, the beta band would never again reach such heights, although the frustratingly inconsistent first self-titled album did offer sparks of pure genius. they ended their career 7 years later as much celebrated heroes with a series of gigs at london’s shepherd’s bush empire, so as a tribute, i have a song from each of the three eps performed live from one of those nights. “dry the rain” is perhaps the band’s biggest stab at stardom, earning itself an appearance in high fidelity. it was also written “just around the corner” from shepherd’s bush, a fact that must have gotten the fans singing the chorus at the end and nearly never giving up. “she’s the one” is my favorite song of theirs, taken from the second ep, a snaking mantra that detours delightfully only to come back together in a mangled heap. for “dr baker”, just listen to the words.

mp3: the beta band – dry the rain (live)

mp3: the beta band – she’s the one (live)

mp3: the beta band – dr baker (live)


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