#118 akron/family – raising the sparks


the first time i heard akron/family (who happened to be touring with the dodos recently) was their split album with michael gira’s angels of light, with the first half of the record comprising their originals and the second half faithfully backing gira. the song that marked the end of their section was “raising the sparks”, itself an epic in two parts. beginning rather carefully as a sung-out family fable, it rumbles after a couple of verses and stumbles into a base, repetitive series of yelled murmurings, which itself gives way a stomping anthem and a party gone riot. there’s so much happening in this one and never a dull moment, something you might not initially expect from a band which finds its strength in cyclic repetitions. anyway, they’re back in the studio this week, starting on yet another album that i’m eagerly anticipating already.

mp3: akron/family – raising the sparks


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