#113 chapman & brocker – chimes

there’s something indescribable, yet distinct about musicians who start off scoring soundtracks and move to standalone records. my reference point has always been mercury rev who, apart from sticking (at least for a while) to recording on 35mm, have consistently demonstrated a spatial grasp of their music that others struggle to even come close to. in the case of brothers chapman & brocker, their beginnings in film scoring also features strongly in their self-released debut album dance of the crazy man, and no wonder it does: brocker studies music and philosophy and chapman, cinematography. in album opener “chimes”, songwriting and musical arrangement complement each other perfectly. as the wind chimes ring in the background, the protagonist recalls why they were there in the first place, and proceeds to weave a tale of a vision he dreamt of the girl the chimes replaced. its a well crafted vignette that deserves every intricate detail in musical arrangement that’s been put in, and rewards the patient listener with the wonderment of finding each little treasure hidden beneath.

mp3: chapman & brocker – chimes

dance of the crazy man is available for sale here. look out too for an interview some time next week!


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