#112 stereolab – neon beanbag (atlas sound southern baptist remix)

everything bradford cox touches these days turns magically into a hazy, lightheaded dream. earlier this year he released a historically unidentifiable album under his solo atlas sound project, and just recently his band deerhunter unleashed the dreamrocking microcastles. as atlas sound, he’s spent some time opening for stereolab, and gotten a hand in remixing the lab as well on their sunshine-driven “neon beanbag”. i miss the stereolab of old, especially their noisier fare in the 90s which has since given way to a cleaner, pristine sound, so the atlas sound treatment of the song is very welcome nostalgic trip for me. beginning with the uplifting exhortations of a southern baptist preacher, the song is mixed down a little and given an organ and handclap makeover. overall, ambience takes precedence over melody without doing away with it, which brings me back in time enough to remember why i liked stereolab so much in the first place.

mp3: stereolab – neon beanbag

mp3: stereolab – neon beanbag (atlas sound southern baptist remix)


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