#111 anavan – the perfect sound/ boom

i don’t celebrate halloween. at my old house where kids used to come by trick-or-treating, since i’d never have any candy for them, my door always gets painted with confetti instead. so this picture is the closest you’d get to a halloween special from me (i really hate tomatoes, so this is a big deal). anyway, our blood-red trick-or-treaters today are anavan, a trio who’s emerged from the famous/infamous l.a. smell scene with what must be a killer electrorash that’s just gotta be scratched. the band has an album cover story that’s coming out in two weeks, and because i’m just so fickle deciding what to post, i’ll post two tracks today. while “perfect sound” embraces everything pop with its instantly frenzied synth-sequence, “boom” takes time to build up, but when it does it morphs into a dancefloor-pleaser that’ll leave you itching for more. have a great weekend.

mp3: anavan – the perfect sound

mp3: anavan – boom

cover story will be released on november 11 on slanty shanty records, where it’s available for pre-order now.


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