#110 camera obscura – super trooper

last night’s camera obscura gig was a lovely but strange affair. the glasgow band faithfully belted out their best-loved hits, from “suspended from class” to “lloyd, i’m ready to be heartbroken”, but the vastness of the esplanade concert hall would always prove to be a country mile to climb, since i think the band would’ve been a lot more at home in a more intimate setting (like my living room). in the end, it took the rolling drum intro of “if looks could kill” to get the singaporean audience on their feet, and what made the night special was the sneak peeks into the new songs from their upcoming album, the upbeat “french navy” and “swans”, and a fulfilled request for abba’s “super trooper”, which i have here for you from their performance at the dermot o’leary show’s saturday sessions.

mp3: camera obscura – super trooper

thanks siti for the great photo!


4 responses to “#110 camera obscura – super trooper

  1. i just fell in love with their song not too long ago!

    great read indeed. are you Singaporean?

  2. thanks! yeah i am: )

    were you at the concert last night as well?

  3. unfortunately i’m in Oslo, though i would’ve loved to have caught it!

    I just enjoyed the read – very well written, and it honestly doesn’t sound Singaporean! (if you know what i mean)

  4. you’re too kind: )

    nothing unfortunate about being in oslo! do have a great time there. will look forward to checking out the photos!

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