#105 sam sparro – black and gold

you know how you end up wearing the same few t-shirts cos they’re always on top of the pile in your wardrobe? it’s the same for me and my cd’s, and one of the albums that’s had the dubious honor of being right at the bottom of the pile for the last couple of months is sam sparro‘s self-titled electro-soul debut. i rescued it today, and i think it’s a promising start for the australian currently based in la, though honestly the album is a hit and miss for me. one of the hits, though, is the sublime “black and gold”, which sees sam pondering the existence of God as he stares at the sky. it’s perhaps the closest you’d get to personal reflection on an electro track, but the glam and glitter of the dancefloor seems to create the space and place for stargazing. a symphony to God this is not, but it sure remains an earnest plea for a revelation of sorts.

if you’re not really here, then the stars don’t even matter.

mp3: sam sparro – black and gold


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